App Spotlight – Canadian Blood Services GiveBlood

Brief overview of the various digital tools Canadians can use to donate blood.

In an effort to make blood donation easier for Canadians, Canadian Blood Services has developed an app that can be used to schedule appointments and make the check in process easier.

Blood Donors can use the app to make an appointment, set reminders of upcoming appointments, schedule your appointments in your devices calendar, complete the questionnaire before you arrive at the donor centre, check yourself in upon arrival at the donor centre, and so much more.


  • Search for donation centres near you
  • Use your current location to map local centres, and view their services and amenities
  • Bookmark your favourite locations
  • View available time slots
  • Book, view or cancel a donation appointment
  • Add appointments and reminders to your calendar
  • Easily sign-up or sign-in to access your account information
  • View and manage your personal profile
  • View and manage your notification settings
  • Store and retrieve your donor card
  • View your donation history
  • Share your donation history on social
  • Receive news and updates
  • Send feedback


Many reviewers find that being able to book online with a simple app to be very beneficial as it removes the inconveniece of having to call-in to book.

In addition, being able to check in using the app and completing the Q-pass questionnaire prior to arriving at the clinic can help reduce the total time it takes to make a blood donation.

Where to get the app

The app is available to download for both Apple or Android devices. Simply visit the app store and search for “GiveBlood” or click the links above.

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