App Spotlight – WebMD (Health)

As we grow older, doesn’t it seem like there’s always more health problems to deal with? Whether it’s mental or physical health issues, everyone suffers from some form of illness or malady. This issue is only exacerbated with the spread of COVID-19.

Imagine this: you or a loved one starts showing symptoms and you have no clue if it’s serious. You could Google it, but there’s so much conflicting information out there. You could go to the doctor, but you might be wasting your time on a minor ailment. Not to mention all of the sick people already at the office…

Maybe you need a new doctor. What do you do? How do you know what’s true or not? Where do you go for reliable information in the digital age? WebMD might have the answer.


WebMD has had a convenient website available for decades now, but they also have an app on both Apple and Google devices. WebMD has nifty features outside of the website, too.

For instance, there’s a succinct Symptom Checker that gives you trustworthy information just by giving some basic information and answering a few questions. Based on your answers, it’ll give you multiple results and calculate the likelihood of each illness.

Additionally, there are many more features such as access to potential drugs and treatment information, a basic first aid “course”, and tons of articles to learn more about illnesses or medical advancements in the industry.

Ultimately, WebMD is designed to help you when doctors are unavailable or potentially unnecessary. That said, no personal diagnosis is ever a proper substitute for seeing a professional. If you feel like you may have a serious condition of any sort, contact your doctor as soon as possible!

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