App Spotlight – 1Blocker

Advertisements are really frustrating, aren’t they?

On the one hand, they allow us to enjoy a large variety of content found on the internet for free. Videos, news articles, and pictures are readily available for almost anyone to see, all with the benefit of not having to pay for a subscription. On the other hand, many ads can be quite obtrusive, impeding how swiftly we can absorb content or even breaking our immersion with a piece of content entirely. Sometimes it feels like they’re impossible to avoid.

Ever watch a lengthy YouTube video that is interrupted halfway through with two lengthy ads? Try to read an article but had to wait for the webpage to load because of several ads? Obstacles like this can really hamper your experience with the internet, but they don’t necessarily have to. No matter what device you use for your computing, there are several ad blockers out there.


Image by 1Blocker via Tools&Toys.

If you use the Safari app, it likely means that you’re using an Apple device such as an iPhone, iPad, or a Mac. It certainly is nice for browsing the internet, but there aren’t many extensions or plugins available to make the browsing experience better and more personalized for users. This means that Safari is missing the wonderful AdBlock Plus, which prevents ads on numerous websites from ever appearing without sacrificing the speed of your connection.

In response to this, a similar app was developed for Safari users – 1Blocker. 1Blocker has a high number of overwhelmingly positive reviews, meaning it’s a lot more trustworthy than some of the more shady apps out there.

1Blocker prevents most ads from appearing while you watch videos, search for memes, read various blog posts, and anything else you might do on the internet. It also prevents the majority of trackers and cookies from collecting little bits of information about you (e.g., stuff you search for on Google). This should hopefully clear up many of the annoyances you experience while browsing the internet.

Keep in mind that this is not a recommendation to block all ads; if you want to help support your favourite content creator on YouTube or continue reading the news from a specific website, why not turn on ads for those you feel deserve it?

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      Thank you very much! I like to read and post comments, too, so don’t worry about it.


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