tKt’s Digital Toolbox – Getting Your Organization Online

Image by Bobbi Vasher via Canva.

When COVID-19 spiralled out of control last year, no one was prepared for it. Since then, many organizations and businesses have been forced to transition to offering online services instead of in-person solutions… a change that threatened to leave many of us behind. If a business or organization is unable to operate digitally in some manner, it may be forced to eventually close its doors.

But adapting to rapid changes in technology is easier said than done. That’s one of the reasons we’ve created a new service called the Digital Toolbox. This eight-week training opportunity helps small businesses or organizations develop an action plan to make the massive jump online.

For those without the skills or digital tools required to build a digital presence, the Digital Toolbox could be exactly what your company or nonprofit organization needs to overcome this challenge.

Some of the things you can look forward to learning include e-mail marketing services, cloud storage services, web-based programs (e.g., Google Workspace), social media policy development, and how to use social media professionally. For more information, check out the graphics below!

Images by Bobbi Vasher via Canva.

Considering the needs of your company or organization, check to see if the Digital Toolbox will be useful to you. Please note that the Digital Toolbox is NOT meant to be a marketing strategy that helps grow your business through advertising or search engine optimization; if you’re interested in a local service like that, you may want to try Reflective Marketing or Newfound Marketing. Just make sure to do your research beforehand!

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Digital Toolbox is FREE for small businesses and organizations, though space is limited. Submitting an application will be required for consideration, and only a handful of cohorts will be selected. That said, we plan to offer this training opportunity regularly, so if you don’t initially get accepted, don’t be afraid to reapply.

After submitting an application, it’s just a matter of time before we launch the Digital Toolbox with an introductory session to help identify your needs. We’ll work with you to plan out the remaining weeks. Every session will feature a class up to two hours in length, and handouts such as extra resources and slides will be provided. We can offer extensions or flexibility throughout based on your needs, and can provide ongoing support even after it’s over.

If any of this sounds beneficial to your business/organization, consider applying for the Digital Toolbox today. We hope to see you soon!

. . .

At techKNOWtutors, we realize that adapting to technology isn’t easy. Although most services have closed, we remain open – digitally – to answer your internet-related questions. If you need help with improving your digital literacy, send us an email at or join our Facebook group and send us a message.

Better yet, sign up for one of our online classes that we offer for FREE every week! Until then, stay in the techKNOW.

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