TechKNOW Tomorrow – How Technology is Improving Exercise: Smart Mirrors

If you dislike looking in the mirror while you’re working out, you might want to avoid the latest technology from Lululemon Athletica Inc. Last year, the company released prototypes of its smart mirror simply titled MIRROR, “which offers members a vast selection of customizable workouts, on-demand classes, and even one-on-one virtual personal training sessions via a super-futuristic reflective mirror-screen hybrid“.

Now that the testing process has been completed, the MIRROR will be “available for purchase in-store and online beginning on November 22” throughout Canada. That said, it might not be a good fit for everyone. Let’s take a look at some of the features of of this all-in-one workout device.

Features of the MIRROR

There is clearly more to the MIRROR than meets the eye. In fact, it’s best described as a complete home gym that’s somewhat portable. While the device is quite bulky, it can easily be moved between walls, rooms, or even houses! It’s voice controlled, and it comes with an app for smartphones or tablets for those that need to perform their workouts on the go.

Video by Lululemon Athletica Inc. via YouTube.

One of the key features of the MIRROR is the abundance of built-in instructors and personal trainers. While the workouts they teach aren’t always live – sort of like the home workout DVDs of the past – the experience they offer feels incredibly personalized and can be edited based on your needs and preferences. On the other hand, there are plenty of live classes that allow you to feel like you’re actually participating in a community class.

You’ll receive live feedback on things like your form that help correct mistakes before they become habits. Additionally, the MIRROR has a camera that allows you to workout with or compete with friends to provide that extra boost in motivation we all need sometimes.

As for the actual workouts, there’s plenty of variety with the thousands of different programs available. Over time, the MIRROR recognizes your preferences and records stats such as the number of reps and sets you’re performing each time, monitoring improvements without you having to do so.

Some other interesting features of the MIRROR include “Bluetooth-powered heart rate monitoring, WiFi-enabled music and fitness app syncing“, and a timer for sets/rest periods. Over time, this device will offer different types of workouts depending on your fitness goals, whether you’re interested in pursuing yoga, weight training, or aerobic exercise.

The MIRROR’s Cost

What’s the catch? The MIRROR costs $1,895! On top of this steep price, a monthly $49 subscription fee is required to access the content on the device. For many of us, this will likely not be affordable at any point in our lifetimes, especially seeing how you can spend about the same amount as the subscription fee for a monthly gym membership at many places across Newfoundland.

That said, the mirror isn’t exactly designed for the average person, but rather for fitness clubs and professional gym environments. If a local gym happens to purchase one of these mirrors in the near future, we may see a slight bump in the costs of a membership… a worthwhile investment for those who would like to consistently use it.

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