TechKNOW Tomorrow – Smart Homes Over the Next Ten Years

Image by Stephan Bechert via Unsplash.

Today, we live in a world in which our homes are integrated with smart technology. We have smart ovens that cook our food to perfection with little hassle, smart phones with built-in AI assistants, smart speakers that can play any type of music, and smart TVs that can stream practically any show or movie any time we want.

When it comes to smart technology, however, this is just the tip of the iceberg. Soon, we could have technology in our homes that won’t require any control by the user. Almost all of our devices will be automated based on individual preferences.

Current Smart Homes

Most of us hate doing household chores after a hard day’s work, but they’re unavoidable. Imagine if you could spend more time doing the things you’d like to on a weekend rather than cleaning your house on a day off. Thanks to new automated technology such as “self emptying vacuums, pool cleaners, lawn mowers and sprinklers“, we can maintain our houses with much less effort.

Security is another area that’s already changing our homes. Smart deadbolts can offer an extra layer of security for your doors and windows thanks to sensors that can lock them automatically. Smart security systems can “autonomously monitor the house, and report any unprecedented incidents to the homeowner and, if necessary, emergency services“. Smart doorbells allow you to converse remotely with people outside your home, while also providing you with a security camera activated by sensors and facial recognition software.

These are examples of technology we currently have in existence, and each will only improve dramatically as the years pass. And though smart technology can be quite expensive, the barrier to entry has been decreasing every year. That said, what might be on the horizon for smart homes? What sorts of technology or trends might we see in our homes ten years from now?

Smart Homes Ten Years From Now

One of the trends we’ll start seeing in smart homes is the increasing reliance on AI (artificial intelligence) to make life more convenient. By placing sensors on your clothing or throughout your home, “the house will know who and where you are, and it will use this information to accommodate and even anticipate your needs“.

Image by Dan LeFebvre via Unsplash.

Have a meeting first thing on Wednesday morning? An alarm clock might wake you earlier that morning if it’s connected to your calendar. Have a preferred brightness for your lights when you get out of bed in the middle of the night? Your lights could detect whether or not you’re in bed and react accordingly. What if you’re an elderly person living on your own? “Smart technology could perform tasks such as reminding [you] to take [your] medication, and making sure day-to-day tasks are completed successfully and safely“. Same with falls and injuries – an emergency contact will be called if your home detects a person in distress.

At the moment, most smart technology responds to our voice commands or inputs made on smartphones. Soon, most smart technology will be hands-free and even more convenient. With robots that can perform regular household chores, appliances that can start or perform duties with little input, and automatic diagnostics designed to save you money on your services, AI will dominate the future of smart homes. We can even look forward to meals prepared by robots one day soon!

Ultimately, this raises concerns about the privacy of our homes if everything is connected to the internet. But with federal government regulations on smart technology – as well as measures to protect our homes from cyberattacks – we may be headed towards a future of convenience and freedom that was previously unheard of!

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At techKNOWtutors, we realize that adapting to technology isn’t easy. Unfortunately, our services will no longer be available after March 31, 2022. However, our class presentations, handouts, and activities will all remain available on the Community Sector Council website for you to continue practicing your digital literacy skills. You can also check out some of these resources to keep on top of technology and to find answers to specific questions you may have.

From all of us here at techKNOWtutors, thank you for your support of our program and take care! Stay in the techKNOW!

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