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Community Sector Council NL

Community Sector Council NL is an independent non-profit organization established in 1977. Our goal is a prosperous and inclusive society that supports individuals, families and communities.

Our mission is to encourage citizen engagement, to promote the integration of social and economic development and to provide leadership in shaping public policies.

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techKNOWtutors is a digital literacy program aimed at helping community members use the Internet in their day to day lives. The project was created by CSC NL in 2019, with funding from Government of Canada’s Digital Literacy Exchange Program.

We support individuals from all walks of life and experience. Whether it is a mobile device, tablet, computer, wearable, or another piece of technology – we are able to help our learners understand how to use them in a fun and safe environment.

Our staff are passionate about helping others better understand emerging technologies, best online security practices, provide digital skills training, and offer hands-on practice.

Mobile Lab

techKNOWtutors has a mobile lab that consists of laptop computers, projectors, smartphones, tablets (both iOS and Android), and other tech.

These tools allow our learners to get hands-on experience and practice what we are teaching.

With this mobile lab, we are able to bring our classes to community partners locations throughout metro St. John’s and across the province.

techKNOWtutor Classroom

techKNOWtutors has a fully functioning classroom inside the offices of the Community Sector Council Newfoundland and Labrador.

Our classroom is an accessible space that can comfortably seat upwards of 20 learners. With a 96″ television we are able to easily give instruction and present lectures.

With a strong Wi-fi internet connection, learners are able to learn with hands-on practice using either provided hardware or can also bring their own technology if they wish.

What People are Saying

“The facilitator was energetic and funny, which allowed the information she presented to be easily digested. Overall, I found the information on how to structure a professional email the most valuable.”

techKNOWtutors Learner

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