TechKNOW Tomorrow – Self-Service Restaurant Kiosks

It’s the end of an era – fast food chains are slowly rolling out cashiers for automated kiosks that can order your food for you. It’s a great idea as we become increasingly reliant on technology, but it’s also quite limiting as it threatens to leave many people behind. What about those who haven’t yet adapted to these kiosks?

These things might look daunting, but they’re actually pretty easy to use. Besides the fact that cashiers are slowly going to start disappearing from these restaurants, ordering at these kiosks allows you to currently skip large lines and start eating sooner. Let’s take a look at one of the most common kiosks – McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Kiosk Steps

  • Start by touching the screen and choosing either “Eat-in” or “Take Out”.
  • On the left-hand side, a list of options will come up depending on what you’d like. Want a Big Mac meal? Press “Sandwiches & Meals”. Want a coffee? Press “Beverages”.
  • After you select the type of food you would like, next we choose exactly what we want. In this example, we’ll choose “Happy Meal” for your child or grandchild. You’re given a number of options to choose from. We’ll press the “McDouble – Mighty Kids Meal”.
Image by Hollis Johnson via Business Insider
  • Next are the customization options. Little Brett is being fussy and wants no pickles or onions on his McDouble. Press “Customize” and all of the ingredients will show up. You can add (+) or remove (-) them by simply scrolling down the screen with one finger. Then push “Apply Changes” at the bottom of the screen.
  • Time to choose a side. Press on “Apple Slices”. Then choose a toy. Finally, choose a drink. “Cold Drinks” and then “Soft Drinks” gives Brett many options. Pushing “Sprite” brings up the Size menu on the bottom of the screen, which can be edited by pressing whatever size Brett would like.
  • Once Brett’s satisfied with his meal, press “Apply Changes”. You can “Edit” the order if you’ve pushed it by accident. Otherwise, choose “Proceed to Checkout”.
Image by Jacob Lund via ShutterStock
  • Now choose how you want to pay by simply touching the text on the screen – “At Counter” is for cash transactions, while “Pay Here” is for Debit or Credit transactions.
  • If you pay with Debit or Credit and your card has a chip on it, you can simply tap it on the screen and the transaction is complete. Otherwise, swipe or insert your card and follow the instructions on the screen.
  • Once the transaction is complete, your receipt with your order number should print. Wait for your order number to be called and you’re good to go!

Hopefully this was helpful if you haven’t used a restaurant kiosk before. While restaurants might have slightly different layouts with where the information on a kiosk is found, most of them work quite similarly. Now there’s only one last thing to do – go try one out!

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techKNOWtutors launches our Internet Basics Classes

Do you or someone you know have a computer or other device, but are not sure how to use it? Maybe you have a question about email? Are you worried that the internet isn’t safe?

Never fear! techKNOWtutors has developed a new 3-part class that will help get you up to speed and browsing the web with ease.

Classes take place over a 3 week period and will take place in our new accessible classroom located at 25 Anderson Avenue, St. John’s.

Intro to Computer Hardware – Thu, Nov 28th 2PM – 3PM

This class will be an overview of the different pieces of hardware that make up a computer, how to use them, and how to access the internet. We will also touch on tablets and how they can be used to access the internet.

Protecting Yourself Online – Thu, Dec 5th 2PM – 3PM

This class will help learners better understand the steps they can be taking to protect themselves online from cyber attack. We will also touch on the most common scams that criminals will try and use, and how to avoid them.

Gmail Basics

In this class we’ll focus on how to create a Google Gmail email account, as well as proper email etiquette, how to send and receive emails, and how to send attachments via email.

There is a limited number of seats to this class and registration is required. Please call us at 709-753-9860 or email us at to book your seat.

App Spotlight – Canadian Blood Services GiveBlood

Brief overview of the various digital tools Canadians can use to donate blood.

In an effort to make blood donation easier for Canadians, Canadian Blood Services has developed an app that can be used to schedule appointments and make the check in process easier.

Blood Donors can use the app to make an appointment, set reminders of upcoming appointments, schedule your appointments in your devices calendar, complete the questionnaire before you arrive at the donor centre, check yourself in upon arrival at the donor centre, and so much more.


  • Search for donation centres near you
  • Use your current location to map local centres, and view their services and amenities
  • Bookmark your favourite locations
  • View available time slots
  • Book, view or cancel a donation appointment
  • Add appointments and reminders to your calendar
  • Easily sign-up or sign-in to access your account information
  • View and manage your personal profile
  • View and manage your notification settings
  • Store and retrieve your donor card
  • View your donation history
  • Share your donation history on social
  • Receive news and updates
  • Send feedback


Many reviewers find that being able to book online with a simple app to be very beneficial as it removes the inconveniece of having to call-in to book.

In addition, being able to check in using the app and completing the Q-pass questionnaire prior to arriving at the clinic can help reduce the total time it takes to make a blood donation.

Where to get the app

The app is available to download for both Apple or Android devices. Simply visit the app store and search for “GiveBlood” or click the links above.