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Digital Living



Internet and Computer Basics

Internet Security

Smart Devices

Digital Living

Digital Library
The Newfoundland and Labrador Public Library offers countless books, audio books, children’s books, games, puzzles, newspapers, and magazines, all online – for free! This techKNOWtutor session helps you learn how to access these resources from the comfort of your home!

E-Services for Drivers and Health
Join this introduction to the MyGovNL provincial eServices website. We will be discussing changes and renewals that can be made for drivers licenses, vehicle registration, MCP cards, and more!

Grocery Shopping Online
Did you know that you can place grocery orders online? In this session, we introduce you to filling your online grocery shopping cart. We help to make your grocery shopping experience safe, convenient, and accessible!

Health Resources Online
Join us to learn about the health resources that exist online and how to access information and support virtually. We discuss local resources, as well as some that are well-known globally. This class is meant to support learners with finding reliable health resources online!

Identifying Fake News
In a digital world full of constant updates, news, and information, it can be hard to identify what is true and what is false. This session is to support those who want to better understand “fake news” and how to determine the validity of online blogs, articles, and social media posts!

Mental Wellness in the Digital Age
In this session, we explore the mental health and wellness resources that exist online. The session introduces learners to several websites and smart applications that support mental well-being. We discuss local resources, as well as some that are well-known globally.

Metrobus Website
This session introduces you to the St. John’s and surrounding area Metrobus system and teaches you how to use the online services effectively. We provide an overview to several of the features and provide in-class practice opportunities.

Music Apps 101
Chat with us in this session to learn how to get the most out of the music streaming options that exist! We are talking about five major music streaming options, both free and paid! We will talk you through finding music, signing up for different accounts, and creating your own playlists.

Online Banking – Module 1
Online banking has become commonplace in our society, and having an understanding of safe practices and how to use online banking tools is important for social and economic development. Module 1 is designed to introduce participants to the basics of online banking.

Online Banking – Module 2
Module 2 of Online Banking is designed to introduce participants to online banking portals and features that are available to participants. Features will be shown and participants will have the opportunity to explore and practice using the CSC NL artificial bank.

Online Dating
Are you curious about the world of online dating? Relationship building has been transformed by the internet. Come chat with the techKNOWtutors about the changes in online dating, services offered, and some of the risks and benefits to looking for love online!

Online Shopping
Join this session to explore the world of online shopping! Today, all major stores have an online shop, and some of the largest stores ONLY exist virtually, such as Amazon and Wayfair. We will discuss what goods you can buy online and walk you through the purchasing process.

Using Online Government Services
This module is designed to introduce participants to the different services offered by the Federal Government of Canada that can be accessed online to improve their experience interacting with Service Canada and save time in their busy lives.


Classified Ads
In this session, learn about what online classified ads are, what can be bought and sold online, best practices for buying and selling online, some popular online buy and sell websites, and how to stay safe while using these sites.

Digital Resume (ESL)
In this session, students will learn how to create a digital resume from a Google Docs template.

Online Job Searching
In this techKNOWtutors class, we explore some common job searching platforms and how to efficiently find job postings that suit your needs and skills. With the world of job searching having moved almost entirely online, it is essential to learn how to make use of online platforms.

Online Resume Writing
This session focuses on how to use the internet to create strong resumes. Learners will be introduced to using Google Docs resume and cover letter templates, writing application emails, researching the position, and much more!

Social Media for Employment
Do you have a professional digital footprint? Come chat with us in this session to learn more about how you can establish a positive online presence that will improve your access to employment opportunities!

Using Indeed
In this session, students will learn how to create an Indeed account and use the internet to search for and apply to jobs.

Using LinkedIn
LinkedIn is the social media for professionals! In this class, we talk about the basics of LinkedIn and introduce you to a few tips and tricks on how you can create a professional and eye-catching profile to boost career and networking opportunities.


Intro to Chromebooks
Join us in this session to learn all about the basics of Chromebooks, ChromeOS, and their day-to-day use!

Intro to Gmail
This session covers the basics of email, specifically with a focus on the Google Gmail service. We help you learn how to de-clutter your inbox, manage your Google Contacts, compose emails, and much more!

Intro to Google Apps
Interested in knowing all the different services that Google has to offer? Join this session to be introduced to the Google apps! We will talk about how to access them, and provide an overview of some of the more popular Google apps, such as Docs, Slides, Sheets, and more!

Google Classroom
With online learning on the rise, many services, programs, and schools are turning to Google Classroom. This class covers the basics of Google Classroom, including how to access it, find course work, submit assignments, and more.

Google Docs
Virtual collaboration tools are on the rise! Google Docs offers you a free and easy way to work with folks around the corner or around the world on your text documents. This session introduces you to the basics of Google Docs and how to use them effectively!

Google Forms
Google Forms is a free tool that allows users to create surveys, registration forms, quizzes, and more. Google Forms helps you collect information, and then stores it easily for you in Google Sheets! Come chat with us to get started making your own forms!

Google Photos
Google Photos offers users a free virtual space to store their photos and videos. We dive into the benefits of using Google Photos and how you can get started. Google Photos offers album organization, editing tools, sharing options, and more!

Google Sheets
Virtual collaboration tools are on the rise! Google Sheets offers you a free and easy way to work with folks around the corner or around the world on your spreadsheets. This session introduces you to the basics of Google Sheets and how to use them effectively!

Google Slides
Are you wanting to know how to make slideshow presentations through Google Slides? Come chat with us about getting started with Google Slides, as well as the many features the service offers! We will use the Google collaboration tool to practice working on a slideshow!

Internet and Computer Basics

How to Use Email
Let’s learn how to get the most out of our email! In this class, we explore different email services and the importance of using effective email communication tools.

Introduction to Hardware
Chat with the techKNOWtutors to learn about some of the basics about various devices and what different types of devices exist. We will talk about desktops, laptops, tablets, operating systems, and more! If you’re new to computers, come chat with us!

Searching the Internet
This educational session helps you to learn the basics of browsers and search engines. We cover some searching tips and tricks and help you get the answers you need from search engines! By the end of the session, you will be better prepared to use the internet to gather the info you need.

Understanding Applications
In this session, learners are provided with an overview of what an application is, how we can use them in our everyday lives, and how to safely access them.

Understanding Digital Communication
Come chat with techKNOWtutors to gain insight into today’s digital communication, such as tech industry buzzwords, common slang, emojis, GIFs, and more! This class can help you to understand the internet-related language you see and hear to more effectively communicate online.

Understanding the Cloud
These days we are always hearing about “The Cloud” and “Cloud-Based Services.” In this session, we deep dive into internet storage services, how they work, and how to make the most of them! We discuess and compare iCloud, Google Drive, and Dropbox.

Internet Security

Digital Citizenship
Let’s learn how to create a positive digital world! In this session, we will show you how to keep yourself safe online, interact positively with others, be mindful of your digital footprint, deal with cyberbullying, and more!

Digital Citizenship & Protecting Yourself Online
This is a combination of two our introductory sessions to help learners get an idea of online etiquette and safety before diving into our more in-depth sessions. We will introduce learners to the concept of digital citizenship, as well as some of the most common scams they can expect to see online.

Keeping Kids Safe Online
For many youngsters, the digital world is a part of their everyday life. This session aims to help grownups navigate this digital world and make it a positive and supportive experience for children (ages 0-12) through discussion on online safety, screen time management, and more.

Keeping Teens Safe Online
This techKNOWtutors session aims to help grownups navigate this digital world and make it a positive and supportive experience for teens through discussion on social media, video games, digital footprints, cyberbullying, location services, and more.

Password Management
Passwords are a fundamental part of our online experience today, and they are often created without understanding best practices and potential risks to our accounts. In this session, we cover some of these tips and tricks, as well as how to identify unsafe password practices.

Protecting Yourself Online
This session is focused on helping you learn about common scams and keeping ourselves safe online! We will cover email scams, marketplace scams, and social media scams. Come learn some best practices and safety tips from the techKNOWtutors!

Protecting Yourself Online – Virus and Malware Protection
In this session, learners are taught about the various types of malware, how to defend themselves against malware attacks, and different antivirus options.


Microsoft Excel 365
Let’s learn the basics of Microsoft Excel and how to use their cloud-based program! We will discuss the basics of data entry, spreadsheet design tools, formulas and functions, and more in this introductory class.

Microsoft Word 365
Whether or not you’re familiar with Microsoft Word, this class offers some insight into the newly developed cloud-based version! Explore this Word app to edit and format text efficiently, access your documents anywhere in the world, collaborate with your team in real time, and much more!

Video Editing Apps
Are you looking to create fun and professional videos for your business projects, your business, or your personal use? techKNOWtutors introduces you to various free video editing apps to support beginners with their media-creating goals.

Smart Devices

All About Smartphones
Getting a new smartphone can be exciting, but also a little overwhelming. This session helps to introduce you to the different types of smartphones and how they function. Bring your new device along to this class to practice using and exploring the different features!

All About Smartwatches
Smartwatches have become increasingly popular over the last few years, along with fitness tracking watches. In this class, we introduce you to the different types of watches and how you can use these devices in your daily life.

Tablet Basics
Got a new tablet? Not quite sure what to do with it? Join this educational session to learn how to turn on the tablet, basic commands, how to recharge, and care for your device!

Tablets for Communication
Join this session to learn the different ways you can communicate with your friends, family, and people around the world on your tablet! In this class, we provide you with some tablet tips and tricks to make communication easier, and introduce you to email, social media, and more!

Tablets for Multimedia
Join this session to learn about the different entertainment options on your tablet! In this class, we introduce you to the major multimedia apps that offer TV, movies, music, and podcasts!

Social Media

Facebook 101
Facebook is a great way to keep up to date on your friends, family, local businesses, upcoming events, and much more! This class introduces learners to the very basics of accessing and using Facebook, with a focus on safety and connecting with others.

Facebook 101 – Smart Devices
This techKNOWtutors session gives learners a concrete understanding of what Facebook is and how to use it, with a focus on Smart Devices. This class helps learners explore profile creation and privacy settings, adding friends, creating posts, and much more!

Facebook Events
In this session, we explore the Facebook Event Calendar and event creation options! We will browse through upcoming events and learn how to engage with them. We will also explore the creation tool and some of the best practices for hosting your own event!

Facebook Groups
In this session, learners are provided with an overview of Facebook Groups, the different types of Facebook Groups, where to find your groups, creating your own groups, and more!

Facebook Live
Have you watched videos on Facebook before? Were they Live videos? Join the techKNOWtutors in this Facebook Live session to deep dive into watching and creating live videos. We will discuss best practices, how-tos, and safety concerns with Facebook Live videos!

Facebook Marketplace
In this session, learners will be provided with an overview of Facebook Marketplace through a guide on buying and selling on the platform. Additional tips will be given on deleting ads and avoiding scams.

Facebook Messenger
In this session, participants will learn all the ins and outs of Facebook Messenger, including a segment on Facebook Stories.

Facebook Pages
In this session, learners are provided with an overview of Facebook pages, including why to use them, how to use them, how to create your own, and more!

Facebook Privacy
Join this information-packed session to deep dive into many of the Facebook settings available to you. We will show you how to identify which aspects of your profile and public and how to manage settings such as security, location permissions, advertisements, and more!

Facebook Watch Party
In this session, learn about Facebook Watch Party, how to upload a video, how to host and engage with a Watch Party, and more!

Instagram 101
Instagram is one of the major social media platforms used today. This session is an introduction to the platform, helping users to get started with Instagram, find accounts to follow, and start posting their own content.

In this session, learn about what Pinterest is and what it can be used for, explore the Pinterest homepage, tools, and features, learn how to create your own Pins, manage your Pinterest settings, and more!

Sharing Photos Online
Join the techKNOWtutors in this session to learn about posting photos on social media such as Facebook and Instagram, as well as how to share photos more privately through email and other methods.

In this session, new Skype users will be introduced to and become familiarized with the platform, and learn how to use Skype effectively to connect with friends, family, and colleagues.

Social Media 101
Everyone and their dogs (literally!) are on social media these days! Let’s learn about the basics of social media. We will discuss and compare Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as important privacy considerations.

This past year, TikTok quickly became one of the most popular social media platforms! Folks of all ages are using it to connect with friends, advocate for important social issues, promote businesses, and more! Come learn the basics of TikTok and let’s get you up to speed!

Twitter 101
In this techKNOWtutors session, we cover how to better understand Twitter, create an account, and start tweeting! We offer opportunities for you to practice along with us. This session is designed for individuals with very little knowledge of Twitter.

Understanding Zoom
Join this meeting to practice using Zoom as a participant, with a brief introduction to using Zoom as a host. This is a very broad overview of Zoom with interactive elements to let beginner level students engage with the program!

Zoom for Hosts
This class covers some of the more advanced features of Zoom and how to access various tools such as registration forms, polls, breakout rooms, participant interactions, and much more!