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How to Find Our Class Calendar

Do you want to know what classes are happening this month? Simply click on the “Upcoming Classes” header at the top of our website to view our calendar.

How to Register for Our Classes

Unsure how to register for a class? Watch the below video demonstrating how to navigate our website, find our calendar of Upcoming Classes, and register yourself for a class you would like to take.

How to Register for Our Class

Install Zoom

Currently all of our classes are taught using the Zoom Video Meeting platform. Watch these videos for instructions on how to download Zoom on your Computer or Smart Device (phone or tablet).

How to Install Zoom on Your Computer
How to Install Zoom on Your Tablet or Smartphone

How to Join the Zoom Meeting

This video will outline how easy it is to join the Zoom meeting when your class is about to start.

How to Join the Zoom Meeting

About Our Classes

We have developed over 60 unique pieces of digital literacy curriculum. Our classes range from introductory topics such as “How to Search the Internet” and “How to Use Email” to more advanced topics such as “Online Grocery Shopping”.

All of our classes are designed to be easily understood regardless of your skill level or comfort using the internet. Our knowledgable instructors are always happy to break down concepts and make sure everyone understands.

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